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  • Jayan Ravendra, Lim Mae Li

Videos on Education and Psychology

Hear about prominent research from academics and researchers themselves in this new video database.

Featuring speakers who are leaders in their field of expertise, the Faculti video database contains bite-sized videos which give viewers insights into research in the fields of education and psychology.

Videos in the Education Collection are grouped into various subjects such as Pedagogy, Sociology of Education, Literacy, Language & Communication and displayed for easy browsing.

Videos in database grouped by topics for easy browsing.

Of particular interest to students and researchers of language and communication is a series of four videos featuring Professor Low Ee Ling.

(Above: Prof Low Ee Ling talks on the need to expand traditional criteria of communicative competence to include multi-cultural competence.)

In the first video, Pronunciation for English as an international language, Prof Low discusses English as a lingua franca and the need to establish mutual intelligibility. In the second video, Prof Low describes a fun game based on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) that she devised to help her students master phonetics and familiarise themselves with a standard spoken Singapore English model.

Videos on Psychology

Similarly, the videos in the Psychology Collection are categorised into topics such as Personality & Intelligence, Behavioural Neuroscience, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Language & Memory among others.

Hear from giants in the field such as Howard Gardner on his seminal book “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences”, which arose out of his work as a psychologist with two different groups of people: children from different backgrounds and brain-damaged patients. Interestingly, Gardner shares that it was educators rather than fellow psychologists who showed more interest in the work, which resulted in changes in curriculum design and pedagogy.

Another prominent psychologist whose work has attracted the interest of educators is Carol Dweck, who developed the concept of the growth mindset.

(Above: Dr Carol Dweck describes a study which traced the effects of different types of praise on children from a young age.)

Dweck talks about her research which showed how the way parents or adults praise children can have a profound impact on either motivating children to take on challenges or play it safe.

Explore these videos and more in the Education and Psychology Collection which is accessible both on and off campus.

Access the Faculti database here.

To view other online video databases, click on Resources and then Online Videos on the Library Portal.

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