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  • Mae Lim

Not Your Typical Library Day: Amazing Race Takes Over!

On the sunny afternoon of Sunday, August 6, 2023, we broke away from the usual quiet and calm, welcoming lively groups of students for the Amazing Race, a part of their Transition & Orientation Programme (TOP) 2023.

A brand new library challenge designed to be accessible on mobile phones was designed in collaboration with the NIE Student Teacher Club, the organisers of the TOP.

Students fanned out across the Library with their mobile phones in hand, bent on uncovering the clues and solving questions on library resources, facilities, and spaces. The place was buzzing with energy, filled with voices at a conversational level—a stark contrast to the usual hushed tones and whispers, and a bit of running! That's right, we tossed the "silence in the library" rule out of the window for a day.

As an integral part of the campus experience, the library has typically been a part of the Amazing Race. When the pandemic hit, we shifted to an online format, but this year marked our return to in-person fun. Plus, it was our first-ever race on a Sunday. We're usually closed then, but hey, we just had to open our doors for this exciting event!

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