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  • Stephanie Ow, Wong Yong Yeow

Optimising Research Visibility & User Experience: NIE Digital Repository Upgrade

Introducing the refreshed NIE Digital Repository, a completely new web user interface with several enhanced features aimed at increasing research visibility and facilitating access to NIE’s research output. 

Enhanced Researcher Profiles

The researcher profiles within the repository have been significantly enhanced to offer a more detailed and informative view of academic contributors.

See below for the latest features:

Cleaner and Clearer Interface Layout


The interface of the digital repository has undergone a significant facelift. This new look is characterised by several key improvements including:

Improved Readability

Improved Search Results Page


The enhancements to the search results page ensure that users can access the content they need with greater ease and precision, which include:

User-Friendly Drop-Down and Search Filters

These pre-defined filters simplify the process of narrowing down search results within specific collections.

Automatic Search Highlighting

The search results page now highlights search terms, making it easier for users to identify and focus on the most relevant sections of the documents.

Thumbnail-Accompanied Search Results 

These visual cues provide you with a quick preview of the content, aiding in the selection of the most relevant documents.



The NIE Digital Repository has undergone a significant transformation, emerging as a powerful tool for enhancing research visibility and the overall content discovery experience. The revamped interface, enriched researcher profiles, and streamlined search results page work in synergy to make NIE's research output more discoverable, accessible, and impactful. So, dive in and explore!

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Jorge Sinval
Jorge Sinval
30 abr

Very good improvements!

Me gusta
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