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Membership Hath its Privileges: Check Out Our Teachers’ Guides!

You have been accepted into NIE. You are training to become a teacher! You will be a role model, whether to young children or older teenagers. And first, you want to complete your undergraduate or PGDE programme.

NIE Library, as the largest education library in Southeast Asia, is well-equipped with the resources, both print and electronic, that you will need. As a member of NIE Library, you will enjoy access to a range of resources that you will be hard put to find anywhere else.

Instructional Materials

In particular, we would like to introduce the instructional materials (IM) collection to you. It is located on the right wing of Level 3, just across from the Café. Here we have over 7,000 locally published volumes to meet your teaching needs. All spot yellow stickers at the bottom of the book spines.

The collection comprises textbooks, activity guides or workbooks and critically, teachers’ guides which are not available outside.


Decoding Call Numbers

The textbook/workbook and teacher’s guide share the same call number so books on the same subject will be shelved together. An example of a typical instructional material call number is: QA107.2 Sm 2017 P5. “QA107.2” indicates primary mathematics, 2017 is the year of publication, and P5 means it is aimed at primary 5 level. The equivalent for secondary mathematics is QA39.3, and levels are indicated by S1, S2, S3, etc. Of course, of particular importance in mathematics is that the answers to problems can be found in the teacher’s guide! Other subjects may have the same base call number for primary and secondary levels, e.g., PE1112 is used for primary and secondary English titles, PL1109 for Chinese, PL4751 for Tamil and PL5105 for Malay titles.

Below is a select list of call numbers:

Primary level

  • H85 - Social sciences

  • LC314.8 - Moral education

  • MT7 - Music

  • N350 - Art

  • PE1112 - English language

  • PL1109 - Chinese language

  • PL4751 - Tamil language

  • PL5105 - Malay language

  • Q161.2 - Science

  • QA107.2 - Mathematics

Secondary level

  • D16.25 - History

  • G128 - Geography

  • N350 - Art

  • PE1112 - English language

  • PL4751 - Tamil language

  • PL5105 - Malay language

  • Q160.2 - Science

  • QA39.3 - Mathematics

  • QC21.3 - Physics

  • QD31.3 - Chemistry

  • QH308.2 - Biology

The books are largely published by the MOE Curriculum Planning & Development Division or published on their behalf by commercial publishers such as Marshall Cavendish. They will naturally follow the MOE syllabus.

If you need any assistance, just approach the staff at the Service Point on Level 2!

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