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'Chope' and Collect Your Books on the Go: SMART Locker

If you have ever wished for the convenience of picking up your library books after closing hours or to 'grab and go', you will be pleased to know that this is now possible. You can now pick up your reserved library books from the SMART Lockers located at Level 1 of Block 4, next to the lift.

How to ‘chope’ a library item?

If a library book is on loan, you will be able to "place hold" on the item in the library catalogue (WebOPAC). A drop-down menu will appear, allowing you to select the pick up location for your item. You can select SMART Locker (Level 1) for self-collection or Service Point (Level 2) to have our library staff assist you.

Select "Smart Locker" as our pick up location when reserving an item using the Library catalogue.

Do note that you are able to "place hold" for all Library materials except books from the Reserves (Red Spot) and Archives (Closed Stacks and SEDU). Users who wish to borrow items from the Archives (Closed Stacks and SEDU) will have to submit an online request form or request at the Service Point.

How to collect from the SMART Locker?

You will receive an email notification that the item you have placed a hold on is now available for collection.

If you selected "SMART Locker" as your collection location, proceed to the SMART Lockers at the lift area of Level 1, Block 4. The SMART Locker is a 24-hour collection point, so you may drop by at your convenience even after library closing hours to collect your book.

Simply scan your student / staff / library membership card at the scanner. The locker containing your reserved items will pop open. Do check that you remove all the items you have reserved from the locker before closing it.

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