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Sharing and Collaborating the Easy Way: EndNote

As a researcher writing for publication, getting your citations in order requires meticulous effort and attention to detail. Most researchers use a bibliographic management software, such as EndNote, to easily manage the sheer number of citations and references.

However, this challenge increases many fold when trying to integrate various references lists from co-writers and collaborators who are working on the same paper. With Endnote Online's sharing functions, collaborating with co-authors from different institutions or different parts of the world is now easier.

Common References Library

EndNote allows research teams or collaborators who are working in different institutions or countries to create and access a common“library” of references. Team members can add, delete or amend source references in this library. Up to 100 people can have access to the same references library. All changes to the library are tracked and viewable by all in the group.

Sharing of Research

Members within the same institution, with the same authorised access to subscribed journals can even share research materials such as journal articles through the shared library. All they have to do is to attach softcopies of the relevant journal articles to the references in the shared library.

How Does Sharing Work?

For example, a principal investigator has created a references “library” consisting of all the references of the published journal articles and books which are relevant to their research area, and which they may cite in her paper. They can share all the references in their “library” with their research assistants who may be helping them with their literature review. In this way, all their research assistants can add new references to the same library. Besides references, research assistants can also attach the journal article to the references so that the principal investigator can read it.

How To Share An EndNote Library

To share your EndNote Library, you must first have an EndNote Online account. Everyone that you are sharing your EndNote Library with must have an EndNote Online account, too. This account is free and open for registration by anyone.

If you are sharing your EndNote Library, synchronise your EndNote desktop library with your online EndNote account. Then invite members to share your library by adding their EndNote online account email address to the sharing list. Members will then receive an email invite from EndNote. Once they accepted the invite, they will be able to access the shared library.

Use the Share Library button (highlighted in red above) to give others access to your EndNote Library.

Find Out More

Want to optimise the use of EndNote? Pick up some tips and tricks of the software by signing up for an EndNote workshop.

EndNote Workshops

The Library also conducts customised workshops to tailor to your specific needs. Such workshops can either be conducted for a specific group of staff and students or for a whole class during curriculum hours.

Talk to us about your requirements now!

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