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  • Marcus Leong

Grad Students Discover "Hidden" Library Services

Some 50 graduate students registered for a provocatively titled talk, "NIE Library Resources & Services - What You Didn't Know" organised by the Graduate Student Club (GSC) on 7 September 2022.

The talk was conducted on Zoom for 47 registered participants from GSC

As part of a series of programmes aimed at fostering a conducive, cohesive and vibrant graduate community in NIE, the talk aimed to highlight a variety of services, resources and facilities that are useful, but may be little known to busy graduate students.

For example, how to request for full journal articles or book chapters where only abstracts are available? (Answer: submit a Document Delivery request.) Can NIE graduate students borrow books from other local university libraries? (The answer is "yes".) How can I get help with printing or photocopying matters? (Answer: approach a printing services staff member stationed at the Level 4 Photocopying & Printing Office.)

Says event organiser Yin Shi Hui, a third-year Ph.D. student from the English Language and Literature Academic Group and General Secretary of GSC:

"NIE Library has always been a trusted provider of plentiful resources for learning and research. In addition to being a place to borrow books and for self-study, it has much more to offer, both offline and online.

Yet not all of our graduate students are fully aware of the range of services that the library provides. Meanwhile, new students who are enrolled in August might not be familiar with all resources and services provided by NIE Library. Given these, NIE GSC proposed organising an invited talk in collaboration with the Library on how to make the best use of the resources and services of NIE Library."

Shi Hui also shared that participants found the event "meaningful and informative and appreciated the hands-on demonstration given by the librarian. Many of them hoped that more similar events could be held in the future."

For information on other events and activities, check out the GSC Facebook, HD Connect or What's New on the Library Portal.

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