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  • Feng Yikang & Sandie Loo

Is the Library Crowded Now?

The morning clears On the pale sky Row on row of Bajau ridges

Crafting a hypothesis? Trying to cross-pollinate ideas? Shaping and pruning your arguments? What better place to do it than in an oasis at the library overlooking an expanse of verdant green?

With the lifting of most safe management measures (aka SMMs) since July this year, study and discussion spaces in the library have been steadily restored to nearly pre-COVID19 levels. Almost all seating areas at the Level 3 Learning Hub have been restored. Popular discussion spaces such as the Learning PODs are once again heavily booked. The seating capacity of quiet study areas on Levels 2 and 4 have also increased. The Research Commons which provided free access to laptops is now re-opened after a closure of two years.

Even with all these newly available spaces, finding an ideal study spot in the library during peak hours may require some dedicated walking around the expansive library premises.

Check out the availability of your favourite study corners in NIE Library even before making your trip here with a new library heatmap. Find out if the library is crowded at glance with colour coded occupancy information. Locate quiet study areas in advance or available study spots during peak study and exam periods.

The heatmap can be accessed from the Library Portal, under “About Us”. Using wireless access point data provided by the NIE Academic Computing & Information Services department, the visualisation estimates occupancy based on the number of devices connected to wireless access points at approximately 30 minutes before the present.

Study amidst the trees

Nurture inspiration at LIBRIS!

*Bajau is the historical name of the area around the live firing range beside the NIE campus. (source: – 1953 map).

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