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Visual Literacy For The Classroom

We live in a very visual world. Visuals are powerful especially for our young students. As many teachers know, students respond better to images than to text. Picture books and big books are therefore great materials in the teaching of visual literacy. These books teach young students to interpret the meaning of images and illustrations. Apart from books, reversible hand puppets are 3D teaching aids that can captivate the young ones’ interest, turning interactions with students lively, fun and interesting!

Picture Books

Fables & fractured fairytales: Display by PGDE Primary Student-Teachers as part of their QSE 50D Children's Literature course

Located on Level 3 of the Library, picture books are part of the Children and Young Adults Collection. This collection features classic works from Children’s Literature, spanning genres like fables, fairy tales, fantasy, myths and legends, as well as non-fiction titles.

Big Books

Engage lower primary school readers with visuals and storytelling.

The visual appeal (BIG!) is a sure hook for young learners. The large print text and illustrations would be highly visible to students during storytelling sessions. All big books are located inside the Reserves section on Level 2.


Little Red Riding Hood turns into her grandmother who turns into - gasp!

Reversible hand puppets or dolls are another versatile tool to capture students’ attention. Dolls offer students visual experiences, trigger their curiosity and help to create a higher level of interest. Featuring characters from classics tales such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Rapunzel, The Wizard of Oz and more, each puppet can be reversed into two or even three characters. Preview all available puppets on display at Level 3.

Do give it a try if you have not used picture books, big books or dolls in your teaching. You might just be amazed by the power of visuals… the energy and learning that they can provide 😉

If you are still considering, why not make a trip to the library and check them out!

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